Returns the set of dates corresponding to the range of Day members beginning on the first sibling member of Level_Expresson and ending on the member described by Member_Expression. The return set is constrained by filters applied to the Member_Expression argument's hierarchy in the query. As a result, Grand Totals and Subtotal Aggregations are limited to the filtered set.

For example, if a YTD query is filtered to include January 2024 and February 2024, then the Grand Total displays the YTD value for February 2024. By contrast, under the same conditions, the PeriodsToDate() function displays the December 2024 value for the Grand Total.


DatesPeriodsToDate(Level_Expresson, Member_Expression)

Input Parameters

MDX reference to a Time-based Hierarchy Level.
MDX reference to a member of a Time-based Level in the same hierarchy as Level_Expression. This must be one of the following function calls: currentMember(), currentMember().Lag(), or ParallelPeriod(). Note that these functions can only reference the same hierarchy as Level_Expression.