Settings for Configuring Reattempts to Build Aggregate Instances

These settings apply when an instance of an aggregate fails to be built during the aggregate build process for a cube.

To access these settings:

Restriction: Your user ID must be a super user.

  1. Select Settings from the main navigation. Choose Engine.


Specify how often to reattempt to build a single aggregate when the build of that aggregate fails during a batch aggregate build for a cube. The default is three times.
Specify how often to reattempt to build aggregates during a single batch aggregate build. The default is 5 times.

These two settings interact as in the following example:

Step in the build processRestarts for Aggregate ARestarts for Aggregate BRestarts for Aggregate CTotal restarts for the batch
A batch build of the aggregates in a cube starts.0000
The build for Agg A fails and restarts.1001
The build for Agg A again fails and restarts.2002
The build for Agg B fails and restarts.2103
The build for Agg C fails and restarts.2114
The build for Agg C again fails and restarts.2125
The build for Agg C again. The batch build fails as a whole because the max number of retries has been reached.2115

Moreover, if the value of AGGREGATES.BATCH.RETRY.MAXATTEMPTSPERAGGREGATE is reached before the value of AGGREGATES.BATCH.RETRY.MAXATTEMPTSPERBATCH during a batch aggregate build, the build fails and ends.

Whenever a new build starts, the counters for both settings are reset to 0. To use the example in the table above, when a new batch build starts, the counter for the number of restarts for each aggregate table is set to 0. The counter for the total number of restarts for the batch is also reset to 0.