Using AtScale with Qlik

This section explains how to connect to published AtScale cubes from Qlik.


Ensure you have Qlik-enabled license, and you know how to manage licenses in AtScale. For details, see Viewing and Updating Licenses.

Before you start


Perform the following steps in Qlik Sense:

  1. Create an app as described in Creating an app.

  2. Choose Add data as described in Adding data to the app.

  3. Select Apache Hive; for details, see Create an Apache Hive connection.

  4. Enter the details for the AtScale system:

    • Host name and port (11111) you obtained from your AtScale system.
    • For authentication mechanism, select User Name and Password and enter the corresponding user name and password.
    • Since queries to AtScale can become large, it is recommended to set a large timeout in the Query timeout, for example 6000.
    • If your AtScale system is secured (TLS enabled), choose Enable SSL in the SSL Options section. Optionally, you can also select Allow Self-signed Server Certificates.
  5. Save your changes.

  6. In the window for data selection, select the owner and the tables.

    Here, the owner is the AtScale project, and the tables are the cubes and perspectives in the project.

  7. Select the desired columns after Qlik load all columns.

  8. Choose Next. You should see a message that the data is loaded successfully.

Now you can go to Analyze, Edit Sheet, and check that the data fields are available on the left pane.

More information

You can find a brief summary of the steps above in the Design Center. Simply access the Connect tab of the published cube and choose Qlik.