Stopping Clustered AtScale

Here you can find how to shut down a Clustered AtScale environment. In short, you should first stop the Replica node, then the Leader node, and finally the Coordinator node.


You can access the Linux command line shell session at the AtScale system, and have account that allows you to manage the system.


  1. Establish a shell session to each AtScale node: Engine 1, Engine 2, and Coordinator node.

  2. Switch user to the atscale (required for the remaining steps):

    sudo su - atscale
  3. Determine which node in the cluster is the AtScale Database PostgreSQL Leader.

    This command can be run from either Engine 1 or Engine 2:


    The result should show you the host names, roles (Leader/Replica), and other parameters of the nodes.

  4. On the AtScale Engine node that is the PostgreSQL Replica, run the atscale_stop command to shut down all services:

  5. Optionally, you can verify all services are stopped by running the atscale_service_control status command.

    In the example below, you can see the expected response when no services are running:

    /var/atscale/bin/atscale_service_control status
    unix:///var/atscale/data/supervisor.sock no such file
  6. On the AtScale Engine node that is the PostgreSQL leader, run the atscale_stop command:

  7. On the AtScale Coordinator node run the atscale_stop command:


The cluster should be fully stopped at this time.