Settings for Enabling and Prioritizing Builds of Aggregate Instances

Use these settings to enable prioritization, specify whether new aggregates should be prioritized over existing ones, and specify whether user-defined aggregates should be prioritized of system-defined ones.

To access these settings:

Restriction: Your user ID must be a system administrator.

Choose Settings from the main navigation, select Engine. Use your browser Find to search for each setting.


AGGREGATE.QUEUE.PRIORITY.MODE - accepts integer values 0-2.
  • 0 - prioritizes building new instances before existing instances that are part of a batch build. This was the default behavior before AtScale 2021.3.0.
  • 1 - prioritizes building batch instances before new instances. This is the default behavior as of AtScale 2021.3.0.
  • 2 - prioritizes building aggregate instances in order of definition timestamp (FIFO).
Set to True to prioritize the building of user-defined aggregates over the building of system-defined aggregates.
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