The CurrentMember.Name function returns the current member value of the specified dimension attribute during iteration.

Consider the following:

  • Starting with release 2022.2.0, the syntax validation mechanism used when entering the MDX formula detects cases where the equals operator is used incorrectly for comparing the CurrentMember function to a scalar value. Also, it displays a warning about using the [Dimension].[Hierarchy].[Level].CurrentMember syntax.
  • In case you have calculated measures created in earlier releases and you need to turn off these syntax checks, you ca do this using the query.language.mdx.currentMember.allowLegacySyntax engine setting. For details, see Changing Engine Settings.


The CurrentMember.Name function allows you to evaluate dimension attribute values in a calculated measure formula. This is useful for conditional processing of measure values based on the value of a given dimension.

You must refer to dimension and secondary attributes by their query ID. The hierarchy expression pattern is always:


To refer to a dimension attribute of a role-playing dimension, be sure to prefix the attribute name with the role-playing prefix. For example:

[Order Dimension].[Order YearMonth].CurrentMember.Name

[Ship Dimension].[Ship YearMonth].CurrentMember.Name

Note: You cannot combine measures from multiple facts in the same formula if using CURRENTMEMBER.NAME in your formula. You can only evaluate dimensions in a calculated measure formula with measures from a single fact table.



[Secondary Attribute]


Note: The CurrentMember function requires a valid hierarchy expression. When using the AtScale expression editor on the Cube Designer canvas the attribute is inserted as a level expression. To correct this, convert the level expression to a hierarchy expression. See the example below. For more information pertaining to the CurrentMember.Name syntax, click here.

The level expression:

[Customer Dimension].[Occupation].[Occupation]"Professional"

Should be changed to a hierarchy expression:

[Customer Dimension].[Occupation]"Professional"

Return Value

Returns the current dimension member value for the given level attribute or secondary attribute name.

Input Parameters



  1. Order Type secondary attribute in the Order Dimension. typeorder is the query ID of Order Type.

    • [Order Dimension].[typeorder]
  2. Order Retail445 hierarchy in the Order Date Dimension.

    • [Order Date Dimension].[Order Retail445].CurrentMember.PrevMember