AtScale Supported Tools and Platforms

Supported Business Intelligence Tools

Excel and Power BI contain the required drivers. SQL tools such as Tableau must use one of the supported Hive drivers listed below. AtScale requires a Hive driver because it emulates the Hive SQL interface.

For more information, see Connecting to AtScale from business intelligence software.


ToolConnection TypeClient Driver
Tableau Desktop 2023.3Thrift SQL* See Vendor Drivers
Tableau Desktop 2023.2Thrift SQL* See Vendor Drivers
Tableau Desktop 2023.1Thrift SQL* See Vendor Drivers
Tableau Server 2023.3Thrift SQL* See Vendor Drivers
Tableau Server 2023.1Thrift SQL* See Vendor Drivers
Tableau Cloud 1 Thrift SQL* See Vendor Drivers

1 With Tableau Bridge

Excel / Power BI

ToolConnection TypeClient Driver
Excel 2021XMLAEmbedded SQL Server Analysis Services
Excel 2019XMLAEmbedded SQL Server Analysis Services
Excel 365XMLAEmbedded SQL Server Analysis Services
Power BI Desktop, February 2024XMLA, DAX, Live ConnectionSQL Server Analysis Services database
Power BI ServiceXMLA, DAX, Live ConnectionSQL Server Analysis Services database


ToolConnection TypeClient Driver
Looker 24.2PostgreSQL ConnectorEmbedded PostgresSQL Driver


AtScale offers Beta support for MicroStrategy. Official support is planned for future releases. If interested in beta testing, please contact your Account Executive.


ToolConnection TypeClient Driver
Qlik Sense Desktop May 2023 Patch 1Thrift SQL* See Vendor Drivers

Vendor Drivers

  • Cloudera ODBC Driver for Apache Hive:

    • Tableau 2021.x and 2021.x, tested with Cloudera Hive ODBC Driver 2.6.11 (64-bit)
  • MapR Hive ODBC Connector

  • Simba Hive ODBC by AtScale, tested with Tableau 2022.x

Support Definitions

  • Supported

    Defined as the maintenance of a test suite that exercises the tool's core reporting features with AtScale. Some features may not be supported for reasons that include: a) the feature may not apply to an OLAP data model, b) AtScale has a different method of solving the same problem, c) the feature may not be a visualization feature, d) the feature has yet to be implemented.

  • Beta Support

    Means that there are no known blocking issues, however complete testing of all supported features is not complete.

  • Unsupported Tools

    The following BI tools have basic connection and query support, however they are not fully supported: Business Objects, Cognos, Saiku, Spotfire.

  • Experimental Tools

    AtScale has experimental support for Qlik. To use Qlik with AtScale, you must have a special AtScale license. Ask your sales representative about obtaining a Qlik-enabled license.

  • Deprecated

    Functionality will not be removed from AtScale for the period of time specified in the Support Policy. However no further bug fixes or enhancements will be scheduled for this feature. It is strongly recommended that customers retire or migrate reports that depend on deprecated functionality as soon as possible.

Data Catalogs

  • Alation 2023.3.3
  • Collibra 2023.09

For more information, see Data Catalog API.

Directory Services

  • Windows Active Directory 2012 (Supports Kerberos authentication protocol)
  • Google Directory Service (NOTE: Does not support Kerberos, which is required for Tableau Single Sign-on)
  • LDAP 2 compatible directory service providers

Data Warehouse Support Matrix

PlatformInteractive EnginesAgg Build EnginesHLL/PortableNTILE/PortableTLSKRBPWDImpCustom AuthPart
Azure SQL ServerEngine Compatibility in Version 130 (and above)Engine Compatibility in Version 130 (and above)xxxxxx x
Azure SynapseEngine Compatibility in Version 130 (and above)Engine Compatibility in Version 130 (and above)  x xx x
CDP 7.1.911 Impala 3.4.011, Livy Hive, Impala 3.4.0xxxxxx x
Databricks SQLDatabricksDatabricksx10 x10 x x  x
Databricks Spark 9.1DatabricksDatabricksxxx x  x
GBQGBQGBQx10 x10 x  xxx
HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric 6.25 (MAPR), EEP 8.0, 8.18 (MEP)Spark 2.4Hive 2.3, Spark 2.3 (Customer-Managed UDAF Required)5 xxxxxx6  x
IBM 11.5Db2Db2x x x  x
InterSystems IRIS 2022.3InterSystems IRISInterSystems IRISx x x   
PostgreSQL 147 PostgresPostgresx x x   
RedshiftRedshiftRedshiftx10 x10 x x x 
SQL Server 2016 (and above)Engine Compatibility in Version 130 (and above)Engine Compatibility in Version 130 (and above)xxxxxx x
SnowflakeSnowflakeSnowflakex10 x10 x x  x

For more information, see Adding Data Warehouses.

Data Warehouse Support Matrix Column Key

HLLHyperLogLog - Support for Estimated Count Distinct
NTILESupport for Quantiles
TLSTransport Layer Security
KRBKerberos Authentication Protocol
PWDUsername and Password based authentication
ImpImpersonation - Proxy user query execution on behalf of another user
Custom AuthCustom authentication mechanism, platform specific
PartPartitioned Aggregate Table support


A "secured" platform is a platform with Kerberos, TLS, and Impersonation compatibility.


5 Customer-Managed UDAF Installation: Only Customer-Managed UDAF installation is supported for these platforms. See Customer-Managed UDAF Installation for more information.

6 Secure MapR Connections: Requires the MapR Client. AtScale must be installed on MapR client hosts when connecting to secure MapR clusters. For Hadoop platforms, it is required that the platform be configured to use Storage-Based Authorization.

7 PostgreSQL NUMERIC Data Type: AtScale does not support the NUMERIC(p,s), aka DECIMAL(p,s), data type on the PostgreSQL database.

8 MapR Ecosystem Pack (MEP): Provides a set of ecosystem components that work together on one or more MapR cluster versions. One version of Spark and one Version of Hive is supported in a MEP.

10 This platform takes advantage of native functions for HLL and NTILE, and does not support AtScale sketch. Therefore it cannot be a source or target for preferred aggregate storage or virtualized aggregates.

11 If upgrading from HDP using Hive LLAP, note that CDP 7.1 requires configuring Impala to process Aggregate Build workloads.

Additional Data Warehouse Support Matrix Terms

Data Warehouse Support Matrix TermDescription
ADLSAzure Data Lake Storage (Gen 2)
AzureMicrosoft Azure compute cloud
CDPCloudera Data Platform
GBQGoogle BigQuery
GSuiteGoogle GSuite directory service
HDPHortonworks Data Platform Distribution
HiveVendor distributed Hive sql engine
ImpalaCloudera distributed Impala sql engine
IBM Db2International Business Machines DB2 RDBMS
MapRMapR Converged Data Platform
On-premOn-premise, dedicated hardware installation. On-premise virtual-machine installations are not supported.
PostgreSQLPostgreSQL Relational Database
RedshiftAmazon AWS Redshift Data Warehouse
SparkHortonworks or MAPR distributed Spark SQL engine
SnowflakeSnowflake Cloud Data Warehouse
SQL ServerMicrosoft SQL Server
Tableau Svr ImprTableau Server Impersonation (aka Tableau Server Single Sign-on)

Certified Web Browser

The only Web browser that the AtScale Design Center is certified for is Google Chrome.

Operating System Support

The following Linux operating systems are officially supported with AtScale I2024.1.2:

  • CentOS 7 1
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8
  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • Ubuntu 22.04

1 AtScale installation packages (RPM) for CentOS 7 can also be used on Amazon Linux 2. Consider that this operating system is not officially supported.