Aggregate Incremental Builds Settings

You can view and modify the cube-level settings for incremental builds of aggregates.

  • aggregate.incrementalUpdate.allPartitionMaterializations.duration: Specify the maximum length of time to allow for an incremental build of an aggregate table. The default value is 1 day.
  • aggregate.incrementalUpdate.enabled: Set to True (default) to use incremental builds for all of the aggregates for a cube when the fact dataset uses an incremental indicator. Full builds are still done for user-defined aggregates that are joins or unions of two or more tables.
  • aggregate.incrementalUpdate.indicatorLookup.addPreviousMaxConstraint: Whether or not to use the previous MAX value of the indicator as a constraint to improve performance. The default value is True.
  • aggregate.incrementalUpdate.indicatorLookup.duration: Maximum time allowed to lookup incremental indicator. The default value is 30 minutes.
  • aggregate.incrementalUpdate.indicatorLookup.reusePerBatch: Whether or not to use the same max indicator lookup per batch per indicator to improve performance. The default value is True.
  • aggregate.incrementalUpdate.maxConsecutiveStaticPartitions: Specify the maximum number of partitions to allow for each incrementally built aggregate. When this threshold is exceeded, the partitions are consolidated. Lower values relative to the default result in slower consolidations and faster queries. Higher values result in faster consolidation and slower queries. The default value is 5.
  • aggregate.incrementalUpdates.immutable.enabled: Set to True (default) to enable incremental builds of aggregates that use joins on rarely changing dimensions.
  • aggregate.incrementalUpdates.semiAdditive.enabled: Set to True (default) to enable support for incremental updates on semi-additive measures.