Refreshing Dataset Schemas

The schema of a table or view can be modified over time. You can refresh the schema to pick up changes from your data warehouse since the last time the dataset was imported, such as new columns that were added.

About this task

If the source data schema changes, first update the table definition in the data warehouse. Then, refresh the dataset schema in AtScale to get the latest dataset columns from the table definition. If existing column names have changed, you might manually have to fix relationships and calculated column formulas that use the old column names.


  1. Open the cube canvas that has the dataset you want to refresh.

  2. Click the hamburger icon in the dataset header. That icon looks like this:

  3. Select Refresh Dataset.

  4. Confirm the columns that will be updated. Columns with a check mark next to them mean the column has not changed since the last time the dataset was imported.

  5. Click Save.