Known Issues

Before installing or upgrading AtScale to I2024.1.2, please review this section to be aware of all known issues.

Microsoft Power BI: Calculation Group Totals Do Not Display in Some Situations

In Microsoft Power BI, calculation group totals do not display in visualizations that have multiple measures selected and that are filtered by a subset of the calculations.


Microsoft Power BI: Is-Not Filters Result in Incorrect Grand Totals for PeriodsToDate Calculated Measures in Some Situations

Microsoft Power BI visualizations display incorrect Grand Total values when Is-Not filters are applied to calculated measures that use the PeriodsToDate function. As a workaround, you can use the DatesPeriodsToDate function on calculated measures, for which Power BI displays correct Grand Total values.


Editing calculated measures fails after duplicating cubes

After duplicating a cube within a project, you cannot edit the calculated measures within the new cube. Because of this issue, the Duplicate feature is disabled at the cube level.

As a workaround, you can use the Duplicate feature at the project level.


Adding calculated measures with the same names to multiple cubes within a project fails

You cannot add calculated measures with the same names to multiple cubes within a single project.

If you try to add or save a calculated measure with the same Name or Query Name as a calculated measure in another cube within the same project, AtScale displays an error message on the Errors tab. If you need to use the same name for multiple calculated measures, you should save the cubes they belong to within separate projects.