About Projects

A project is a container for one or more AtScale virtual cubes, the datasets the cubes are based on, and the perspectives that are based on those cubes.

Choose one of the Quick Start options on the landing page to create a project. Each of the options will open a dialog wizard to help you step by step.

Projects allow you to share datasets and dimensions between a collection of similar cubes. For example, you may want to create a different cube for your marketing and product teams based on the same clickstream data. The project contains the physical datasets and logical dimensions that can be shared between the different cubes in the project.

To make a project available to BI client tools, you must publish it. To the BI client tools that connect to AtScale, a published project looks like a database and a published cube looks like a table in a database.

When you create a new project in AtScale, it contains one default cube with the same name as the project.

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