Using Tableau Cloud

You can publish a workbook to Tableau Cloud that other users can view in their browser.


  • Make sure the latest version of Tableau Bridge is installed. For details, see Use Tableau Bridge. Note that Tableau Bridge is only available for Microsoft Windows, as described in Plan Your Bridge Deployment.
  • When configuring TLS, consider that AtScale requires the certificate file to contain the whole certificate chain, from root to leaf.
  • Review the Tableau tips and limitations.


  1. An administrator should do the following:

    • Configure AtScale, Tableau Cloud, and Tableau Bridge as needed.
    • Create user accounts with the required permissions on these systems.
  2. A cube creator should create or update a cube in AtScale as described in Working with Cubes.

  3. A workbook creator should create a workbook in Tableau Desktop and publish it.

    Optionally, the data source can be published as described in Publish a Data Source. This way other users would be able to connect to it from their own workbooks.

  4. A report user should now be able to use the published workbook in Tableau Cloud.

More information

In case you are using Tableau Server, see Publishing a Workbook to Tableau Server.