Publish a Project

Publishing a project publishes all of the cubes and perspectives contained in the project.

About this task

Publishing a project generates the following files and information for each cube in the project:

  • A Tableau .tds file
  • A JDBC connection URL
  • An MDX connection URL
  • An connection string for ODBC connections


  1. Open the project you want to publish.

  2. Click Publish at the top right.

  3. The Publish wizard appears; use Next to continue through the wizard:

  4. On the Publish Rename step, you have the option to rename the project to be published.

  5. On the Advanced Options step:

    • You have the option to enter a tag as the label for this published version. Published versions are labeled with a timestamp by default.

    • If you configured Tableau Server, specify the Tableau server and the folder (site) to publish to. For details, see Configuring Connections to Tableau Server.


      Only users with the Organization Admin role (and super users) can publish a project to a Tableau Server.

  6. Choose Publish, then Finish.


One of the steps performed by AtScale during the publication of a project is connecting to the corresponding data warehouse, and asking for the supported data types. In case data warehouse's response is delayed for some reason, AtScale retries this step several times.

In case the request for unsupported types fails on the last retry, AtScale would proceed with the publishing. Detailed information about the issues would be displayed in the final step of the publication wizard. You can use this information to take the necessary corrective actions.

Viewing published cubes

To view the published cubes for a project:

  • In the new redesigned version of Projects: choose the project, then choose Published in the right part of the screen.
  • In the original version of Projects: choose the project, and review the projects listed in the Published section in the right part of the screen.

For more information, see Getting Cube Connection Information.

Using Rename Project to Simulate Isolated Publishing

In case you need to publish multiple versions of the same project simultaneously, you can simply rename them during publishing. This way the renamed project would exist on its own, and it would not be re-written by the next publishing. To achieve this:

  1. After creating and publishing a project, choose Publish again.

    Observe that prior to this second publishing, there is only one version of your project and cube shown in the Published section.

  2. On the Publish Rename step of the wizard, enter a new name for your project.

  3. Publish the renamed project.

  4. Observe a new published version of your project is present, without overriding the original project.