Working with Perspectives

This section of the documentation explains what perspectives are, how to add them to an AtScale virtual cube, how to grant permissions on them, how to edit them, and how to delete them.

  • About Perspectives Perspectives are publishable subsets of the data model for an underlying AtScale cube. They are meant to make it easier for analysts to query only the subset of data in a virtual cube that is relevant to their purposes or responsibilities. Rather than provide analysts with the entire data model for a cube, you can make dimensions, hierarchies, levels, secondary attributes, measures and calculated measures in that cube invisible to them.
  • Adding Perspectives Use the Add Perspective dialog to create a perspective, or virtual view, of an AtScale cube.
  • Granting Runtime Permissions on Perspectives You must grant runtime permissions to the users and groups that you want to be able to query published versions of a perspective. Users can query perspectives, as they can query cubes, with client BI software, such as Tableau Desktop and Microsoft Excel.
  • Editing Perspectives Use the Edit Perspective dialog edit a perspective to rename it or to toggle the visibility of items from its base cube.
  • Deleting Perspectives If you no longer need a perspective, you can delete it from its cube.