Manage Project Snapshots and Versions

Projects are auto-saved as you work. A project is always opened to its current version. Project snapshots allow you to capture a project definition at a point in time, and revert to a previous version if needed.

  • Take a New Snapshot of a Project Taking a snapshot of a project is a good idea before doing exploratory work in a project, or before working in a project created by another user. Because every change in a project is auto-saved, snapshots are the only way to undo changes.
  • Restore a Project Snapshot Restoring a project snapshot allows you to roll back the project to a previously saved version, then continue working from that point. AtScale always takes an auto-snapshot before restoring.
  • Download the Project XML from a Snapshot If you ever need the project XML file for a snapshot, you do not need to restore the snapshot in order to obtain the file. You can simply download the file