Using Tableau with Delegated Authorization Enabled

These instructions explain how to use Tableau Desktop when you have enabled Delegated Authorization for AtScale.

Delegated authorization allows AtScale to use your Microsoft Active Directory credentials to connect to Kerberized Hadoop data warehouses and run queries that are submitted by Tableau Desktop.


  1. Log into Windows by using the same Microsoft Active Directory account that you use to log into AtScale.
  2. Log into AtScale and download the .tds file for the project that contains the cube you want to connect to from Tableau Desktop.
  3. Double-click the .tds file.
  4. Click Edit Connection.
  5. In the Authentication field, select Kerberos.
  6. In the fields Realm, Host FQDN, and Service Name, specify the values that your system administrator has provided you.


From now on, when you open .tds files published from AtScale and that are based on the same Kerberized Hadoop data warehouse, Tableau will use the realm, host FQDN, and service name that you specified.