Adding Calculated Columns to Datasets for Simple Data Transformations

Calculated columns are a way to add simple data transformations to a dataset. After a calculated column is added to a dataset, it can be used as the basis of a cube attribute, just like any other dataset column.

  • Calculated Column FAQs This section answers the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about creating and using calculated columns in an AtScale cube.
  • AtScale Internal Data Types This table lists the AtScale internal data types and the corresponding external SQL data types, which are supported by the data warehouses that work with AtScale.
  • Add a Calculated Column to a Dataset You can add a calculated column to any dataset that you have imported into a cube. Calculated columns are retained in the project library even when you remove the dataset from the cube canvas.
  • Troubleshoot Invalid Calculated Columns When you add a calculated column to a dataset, you use the Create a Calculated Column dialog. Before you can close this dialog and save a calculated column, AtScale tests the validity of the formula. If the formula is invalid, you must fix it and retest it before you can save the column. This section describes the most common causes of invalid formulas.
  • Extract Values from a Map AtScale has a special tool for adding calculated columns that extract key:value pairs from a map.