Connecting to AtScale from Tableau by Using Microsoft Analysis Services

Take advantage of the analytical capabilities of MDX by connecting to AtScale cubes via Microsoft Analysis Services.


  1. Obtain the connection URL from the AtScale Design Center. In Cubes, locate and click on the project name. Expand the project name in the Published section and click on the cube name.

  2. Choose Connect to find the connection information for the cube.

    The URL to use for the MDX connection is displayed in the Connection Information section.

  3. In Tableau, follow these steps:

    1. Open the Connect page and select More > Microsoft Analysis Services.
    2. In the Microsoft Analysis Services dialog, select Server and supply the URL for the MDX connection.
    3. Specify the authentication method. If user accounts for AtScale are managed in Google's G Suite Directory, authenticate by using your Google account ID (Gmail address) and the temporary session password.
    4. Click Sign In.