Updating Project Definitions to Overwrite Projects

You can update an existing project by overwriting its XML definition (and that of all of its contained cubes).

About this task

Updating an existing project's definition overwrites that project with a new definition. If you want to create a new project from a project definition file, add a new project instead.

In this procedure, you will export the existing project's XML definition in order to edit it, then update the project with the edited XML definition. All of the cubes in the updated project will have the same security policies that they were exported with. In addition, you (as the creator of the updated definition) will have all permissions on the project.

Note that a project's cubes are identified by their Cube ID's and not their Names. This means you should take care of the following:

  • Keep the existing Cube ID

    To update the structure of an existing cube, in the edited XML definition you must keep the ID of this cube unchanged. If the update removes an existing Cube ID, then that cube's aggregates will be deactivated on publish.

  • Security for a new Cube

    If project's XML definition contains a new Cube ID, then that cube will receive the default, run-time security settings and will not have any aggregates when published. Cube ID's are likely to be different in Project files exported from different AtScale installations. Please verify that the Project definition contains the expected Cube ID's before proceeding with the project update.


  1. Open the project you want to overwrite.

  2. From the project's overview page menu, click Export. The export tab shows the existing project's current XML definition.

  3. Click Download in the top right of the XML pane to download the current definition as an XML file.

  4. In a text editor, edit the XML definition to reflect your planned updates.

  5. Copy the entire content of your updated XML definition.

  6. Return to the Design Center and, from the existing project's overview page menu, click Update.

  7. Enter the name you want to use for the current project.

    • To keep the current project name, type in the current project name.
    • To change the project name, type in a new name.
    • If you leave the project name blank, the project name used in the new XML definition will be used.
  8. Paste the entire contents of the exported project definition file in the XML field.

  9. Click Save XML. Your project definition is updated.