Granting the "Super User" Permission

"Super User" is a special permission in AtScale that can be assigned only to individual users, not to roles. Users with the "Super User" permission bypass all access control checks in AtScale.

Before you begin

About this task

Super users can do the following additional actions above and beyond the system permissions assigned to their role:

  • Create organizations
  • Delete organizations
  • Set global configuration properties
  • Administer users, roles, and groups in all organizations
  • Administer runtime and design permissions on projects and cubes in all organizations
  • Grant or revoke super user permission for other users
  • Bypass all access control checks on projects and cubes

You must always have at least one super user in AtScale.


To grant the "Super User" permission to a user:

  1. Choose Security from the main navigation, then click on Users.

  2. Click the user ID that you want to grant the permission to.

    Note: If you do not see the user ID in the Users list, click to Role Assignments and assign the user to the Organization Admin role in the current organization.

  3. Select the Super User check box and then click Update Account.