Using AtScale with Looker

This section explains how to connect to a published AtScale cube from Looker.

Note: Ensure you have Looker-enabled license, and you know how to manage licenses in AtScale. For details, see Viewing and Updating Licenses.

  1. Create a connection to the AtScale instance: Creating Looker Connection.

    Optionally, set user impersonation: Configuring Looker to Impersonate Users.

  2. Set the Looker configuration properties: Creating Looker Configuration.

  3. Add a new project in Looker: Creating LookML Project.

  4. Use the LookML files generated by AtScale in your Looker project: Using LookML files in Looker.

  5. Review the Known Issues and Limitations: Known Issues and Limitations when Using Looker with AtScale.