Add Dimensions to Projects and Cubes

This section explains how to add the different kinds of dimensions to an AtScale project, and model the relationships needed to include them in a cube. The process is slightly different depending on the type of dimension you are modeling.

About this task

Consider the following:

  • Unhandled NULL values in key columns will result in incomplete aggregate tables and unexpected query results. See the Custom Empty Member feature for more details.
  • Once you have modeled a dimension in any cube in your project, that dimension is saved in the project library and can be reused in other cubes in the project, or in other contexts in the same cube. For example, you may model a common Date dimension that is reused in many different contexts.
  • A dimension is not included in a cube until it has a relationship to the fact dataset of the cube (either directly or indirectly). For details, see Modeling Relationships.

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