Add, Edit, and Delete Local User Accounts

AtScale installs with local authentication enabled. User accounts are stored in an embedded Apache directory service, and synchronized to the AtScale database. With local authentication, users are managed through the Design Center.

Before you begin

If you do not want to use local authentication to manage users, see Using External Authentication to Manage User Access and Security.

Restriction: Use AtScale's local directory service for testing only. Do not use it in production environments. This directory service is not meant to support the types of workloads that are common to production environments. Before using AtScale in production, configure your AtScale organization to use an external directory service, such as Microsoft Active Directory, another LDAP service, or Google G Suite Directory.


  1. To add a local user account:

    1. In the Design Center, go to Security > Users.
    2. Click Create User.
    3. Enter the user information.
    4. Click Create User.

    The username is listed on the Users page. If you assigned no roles to the user or if you assigned only the Super User role, the user is not listed.

  2. To edit a local user account:

    1. In the Design Center, go to Security > Users.
    2. Click the username.
    3. Modify the account information.
    4. Click Update Account.
  3. To delete a local user account:

    1. Select Security, click Users.
    2. Click the user name you wish to delete.
    3. Click Delete User at the bottom of the Edit User page.


    • You cannot delete a super user. Edit the user first and remove the Super User role before you can delete.
    • Do not delete the admin super user account.

    The user is deleted from the AtScale database, and will be deleted from the embedded directory the next time it is synchronized.