Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved.


Multiple Identical Aggregates created for DatesPeriodsToDate() DMAs in Some Cases

The DatesPeriodsToDate DMA configuration sometimes resulted in a duplicate aggregate table if multiple expressions existed specifying different aggregation functions such as AGGREGATE(DatesPeriodsToDate(), MySumMeasure) vs. SUM(DatesPeriodsToDate(), MySumMeasure). This issue has been resolved.


Allow DatesPeriodsToDate to address Modified Dimension Members with ParallelPeriod

It is now possible for the DatesPeriodsToDate() function to encapsulate a call to the ParallelPeriod() function.


Incorrect first/last non-empty values appeared in reports

Incorrect first/last non-empty values appeared in reports when there were multiple measures (or semi-additive measures) defined from the same fact dataset, and null data was present on the last member for one of the semi-additive measures. This issue has been resolved.


Semi-additive measures failed when levels from many-to-many bridge dimensions were used in reports

Queries on semi-additive measures failed when levels for many-to-many bridge dimensions were used in reports. This occurred when a join between a time dimension and a fact dataset was made above the dimension's leaf level. This issue has been resolved.


Microsoft Excel: Grand Totals were Blank in DatesPeriodsToDate Results

In Microsoft Excel, Grand Total values were blank in query results for measures that used the DatesPeriodsToDate MDX function. Note that this was different from results in Microsoft Power BI, which correctly displayed Grand Total values. This issue has been resolved.


Microsoft Power BI: Visualizations that used DATE dimensions did not render

In Microsoft Power BI, visualizations that used any DATE dimension attributes would not render. The visualization status indicator would appear to spin without stopping. This issue has been resolved.


Power BI: Custom Date formats were not working

In Power BI, custom date formats for calculated columns were not displaying correctly. All Date columns displayed in the format yyyy-mm-dd, regardless of the formatting specified for the column. This issue has been resolved.


Queries failed with Query Planning Error exception

Projects containing unused Security Dimensions failed some queries with an internal error when selecting from tables that also had valid Security Dimension configurations. This issue has been resolved


Power BI: Nested DatesPeriodsToDate and ParallelPeriod Calculations showed Empty Results When Grouping or Filtering at a Higher Level than the ParallelPeriod Calculation

In Power BI, nested DatesPeriodsToDate and ParallelPeriod calculations showed empty results when grouped or filtered at a higher level than the ParallelPeriod look-back argument. For example, when a query grouped or filtered the following calculations by YEAR, the system returned an empty cell: Sales_LastQuarter_QuarterToDate, Sales_LastMonth_YearToDate. This issue has been resolved


Power BI: Formatting for Calculation Groups

To use AtScale Calculation Group Formatting in Power BI, the query's input measures needed to define a format, even if you intended to override the format string on the Calculation Group's calculation. This issue has been resolved, and a workaround is no longer required.



Looker: Personal Git Tokens were Visible When Editing Repo Connections

In AtScale instances configured with Looker, the Update repo connection dialog box displayed user Git tokens in plain text. This issue has been resolved: the dialog box no longer displays the user's current Git token, and the token text is masked if a new one is entered.


Looker: Edits to User Git Repository Credentials Applied to All Users

In AtScale instances configured with Looker, when one user edited their own credentials for the Git repository, all other user credentials were overwritten by their changes. This issue has been resolved, and Git credentials are now updated only for the user who made the changes.


Current Values were Incorrect for Calculated Measures with Tuple Expressions

Current calculations displayed incorrect values for calculated measures created with tuple expressions. This issue has been resolved.


Looker: Map Visualizations Did Not Work with Hive Connector

For AtScale instances connected to Looker via Hive, map visualizations created in Looker using the Latitude and Longitude fields did not work. This issue has been resolved.


Microsoft Power BI: TODAY function did not work with Redshift

For AtScale instances with Redshift databases, the TODAY DAX function did not work in Microsoft Power BI. This issue has been resolved.


Microsoft Excel: Hierarchy displays did not work with long level key values

In Microsoft Excel, displays did not work with hierarchies that contained levels with long key values more than 16 digits in length. When users tried to expand these levels, Excel added duplicate rows instead of displaying the full level. This issue has been resolved.