Uploading AtScale Log Files to AtScale Support

If you plan to open a support ticket, you should create and attach a .zip file of AtScale log files for the relevant time period.

You download and upload .zip files on the Support page in AtScale. This page has also links on the left to the AtScale Documentation website and the Customer Support portal.

Before you begin

Ensure that you are signed in to AtScale as a user with Super User permissions (required to download a support bundle .zip file).


To obtain log files and upload them to the AtScale support team:

  1. In AtScale, choose Support at the top of the page. The Support Bundles page appears.
  2. Choose Download Today's History.
  3. After the .zip file is downloaded, see the steps under Upload Support Logs on the Support Bundles page.
  4. Click the upload page link and perform the login and upload steps.