Grant Design-Time Permissions

You can grant users permissions to read, edit, and delete cubes in a project. Set permissions once for all cubes in a project (both existing and future cubes) and then override the permissions per cube when necessary.

Before you begin

Ensure that your user ID has been assigned the Super User or Organization Administrator role.


  1. Select Projects on the main navigation and then click the name of the project.

  2. Follow one of these steps to determine the scope of the permissions that you are granting:

    • To set the Design-Time permissions for the entire project, select Security from the project overview menu.
    • To set the Design-Time permissions for a single cube, click cube name to go to its overview page and click Security at the top of the cube overview menu. Select Design Permissions.
  3. Select the appropriate design permissions for each user.

  4. Click Save.