Use Existing XML

You can import an AtScale XML file into your instance. XML import provides a convenient way to exchange AtScale projects for testing or debugging purposes.

If you plan to use another AtScale project as the basis for your new project, see Using Existing Project Definitions to Create New Projects.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that your user ID is assigned to a role that has the Create Projects permission for the current organization. By default, the Organization Admin role has this permission.

  • (Optional) If you plan to use another project as the basis for your new project, you must export the other project's definition to use as your basis. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Ensure that your user ID has Read permission the project that you are exporting the definition of and the Read permission on the cubes that are in that project.
    2. Select Projects from the main Design Center navigation and select the project's name.
    3. Click Export from the project overview menu.
    4. Click Download or copy the project XML from the browser window.
    5. Edit the XML definition to serve as the basis for your new project, and copy the contents or save them as an XML file.


  1. After signing in to AtScale, on the AtScale home page click Existing XML under Quick Start.

    The Project Wizard appears. Use the Next button to step through the wizard.

  2. To add your XML:

    • From a file: Select Upload XML --> Browse to upload an existing XML file
    • From pasted text: Select Paste XML, and paste the XML into the form provided.

    If AtScale detects errors in the file, you will see an error message. If this happens, you have to correct any errors in the file and re-upload it before proceeding.

  3. Enter the project name.

  4. Set the initial permissions for your project. Projects and cubes are created with the system-configured default design-time and run-time security values. The default system values for design-time and run-time access are open to all users. A Super User Administrator can change this behavior to Exclusive Access by changing the Default Project/Cube Security from the Settings > Organization Settings: Options page.

    Note: A user must have the Administer Organization permission, or be the installation Administrator to change run-time and design-time security settings. When creating a project with a Wizard, a non-administrator can see the security settings of the project, but cannot change them.

    • Yes, allow all: Allow all users in the organization to read, update, delete, and publish the project. The initial cube in the project is created and all users in the organization have read, update, and delete permissions on it.
    • No, just me: Allow only yourself, organization admins for the current organization, and super users to access the project. The initial cube in the project is created with the same restriction.
  5. Click Finish to create the project and cube displayed.

What to do next

Begin exploring the cube:

  1. On the Projects tab, select the project and then the cube.
  2. Click Enter Model to go to the Cube Designer canvas.
  3. Review and update the cube as needed.

To change the security policy for the project or the initial cube, see Grant Design-Time Permissions.

Note: By default, projects and cubes are created with exclusive access enabled. You can override and enable the Default Project/Cube Security setting for the current organization on the Settings --> (Organization Settings) Options page.