Edit Dimensions in a Cube

When you first add a dimension to a cube, the dimension consists of an initial hierarchy and key level attribute. You can then add additional levels, hierarchies, secondary attributes, and relationships to other dimensions.

  • About the Dimension Editor Canvas The dimension editor canvas is where you to work on the hierarchies, levels, secondary attributes, and secondary/snowflake relationships for a particular dimension. Double-click a dimension to open it in the dimension editor canvas.
  • Edit a Dimension Once a logical dimension has been created, you can open it in the dimension editor canvas to edit the initial hierarchy and key level that was created. You can then model additional hierarchies, levels, and secondary attributes.
  • Model Additional Levels in a Hierarchy You can add a level to an existing hierarchy by dragging a dataset column to the desired position in the Hierarchies panel. A hierarchy should go from the most granular level on the bottom to the most general level on the top.
  • Model Additional Hierarchies Some dimensions may have multiple hierarchies. For example, a date dimension might have one hierarchy for calendar date and one hierarchy for fiscal date. You can add additional hierarchies to a dimension after it is created.
  • Model Secondary Dimensional Attributes Dimension attributes that are not the dimension's key, and not part of a hierarchy are called secondary attributes. Secondary attributes cannot be used to create relationships between datasets and dimensions.