Db2: Customer-Managed UDAF Installation

The following instructions explain how a Db2 administrator can install or upgrade AtScale UDAFs on a Db2 cluster, starting with downloading the binaries linked below.

Db2: Download the Binaries

Follow this link to download the UDAF .tgz file for your Db2 Data Warehouse.

  1. Obtain the honeybee binaries, and copy the file to the Db2 server:

    scp db2honeybee.tar.gz user@db2server:/tmp
  2. Log in/SSH to the server as the target DB2 instance user. If there is a dedicated user for AtScale, use that user.

  3. Extract the .tar.gz file into the instance user's functions directory, for example:

    tar -xvzf /tmp/db2honeybee.tar.gz -C /database/config/atscale/sqllib/function``

Db2: Register the HLL functions

  1. Connect to the database as the instance user and execute the following SQL script.

  2. To check if honeybee has been installed correctly, execute the following SQL command:

    select atscale_honeybee_version from SYSIBM.DUAL
  3. Choose Settings from the top navigation menu, select Data Warehouses, and edit the DB2 data warehouse. Select "Customer managed" for User Defined Aggregate Functions.